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Getting bounties

There's no official bounty program to "join," but there are tons of ways to earn bounties. If you are doing things that have a positive benefit to the community, let the team know. Finding bugs in anything, helping community members, helping with testnet, translation services, really anything that helps everyone and moves the project forward will likely earn you a bounty. We'll sometimes offer bounties for a specific task and put an announcement on Discord. We will also reward initiative that supports Mochimo (like an entry on the wiki or a well-written Medium article) in proportion to the quality and time invested.

Collecting bounties

1. Check

Send a message from your preferred email account to mzweil[at] to begin the KYC process (or DM @Stackoverflo on Discord) with your first and last name as well as your Discord username. This is the address you will use to complete an AML/KYC (identity) check and receive any bounty-related emails. The Mochimo team does not have access to any documents you provide - this check is performed by a trusted third party provider.

If you do not wish to complete the identity check, please notify us. This is required by US regulations, so failure to complete will likely result in forfeiture of your bounty.

2. Tag

Send your tag to kashmyr[at] - this must be sent from the same email address used for KYC. Otherwise, once your check is complete, you will receive an email request for your wallet tag. If you would like us to save this tag for future bounty payouts, please let us know.

3. Win

We'll pay out your bounty and send a confirmation email.

Expiration of bounties

Effective June 25, 2019, all bounties awarded are valid and payable for 6 months (180 calendar days) from the date of award. From a long-term perspective, it's undesirable to have coins in limbo and we want to get them to their owners quickly and efficiently.