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MIP-0010 - Block explorer with full block history

Presented to the Core Contributor Team on July 3, 2021 by user sputnik


The following Core Contributors have "sponsored" this MIP.

NOTE: Sponsorship for these purposes means that these Core Contributors have committed to developing the code on behalf of the community if this MIP is adopted. Note: Core Contributor sponsorship is not required for a MIP to be implemented. It just makes things easier on the community.

Problem Definition

Currently there is no way to trace a transaction that is more than about 4 to 6 months. This is due to the Ledger history time. It causes issues to those that are willing to check for a full year of history or even more, as it is not possible in the current state.

This might cause a risk that adopters of Mochimo are unhappy as it is a feature that all cryptocurrencies have, and hence rebuke them.

Solution Summary

A block explorer should be able to provie the full history from the ledger or the blockchain to the customer.

Hard Fork Required ?


Technical Details

There should be several nodes that host the full blockchain, witn incentives, a bit like for classic nodes, but paid more and allowing to host the full blockchain, whatever size it will take. Then, a block explorer should be running on one of those complete nodes, and it should work this way:

- provide results from the ledger when people are requesting data that is still located there.
- provide results from the storage (HDD/SSD) by digging into the blockchain to provide the result.

Test Results