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This page contains FAQ and Troubleshooting steps for issues commonly encountered while running a Full node.

Miner Start Commands

./gomochi d If you want Miner Stats: ./gomochi d -t3 If you want verbose output:
./gomochi d -t1


Problems Extracting the tar Package

It could be that your Gzip version is incompatible with the packages, try:

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

Otherwise make sure you downloaded the package using either git clone or wget:

git clone wget

Problems Compiling the Source

Make sure you are in the "src" directory and run:
./makeunx bin && ./makeunx install

Compiler Errors

You need to open the ccerror.log file in the src directory to see why it failed. The most common error found here is "./makeunx: cc: not found". To fix this, run: sudo apt install gcc

Wallet Hangs on Random Input

Your system hasn't received enough entropy to create a truly random key... easy fix. Run: sudo apt install rng-tools && rngd -r /dev/urandom

Issues With A Running Node

Accessing the Monitor

Once the blockchain has synchronized and you are listening: To get to the menu: Ctrl^c To see available commands in menu: ?

Miner stuck on Listening...

If you Miner does not receive updates in line with the block explorer ( after "Listening...", try restarting the miner. If this does not fix it, the port 2095 is likely closed. See Port Issues below...

Miner Not Updating Blocks

Use to check if your node is on the same block as the network. If you are in line with the block explorer, don't worry, variances in block times are normal (it will average out in the end). If you are behind by more than 2 blocks, you might have a port issue. See Port Issues below... Note: The node's block number is displayed in Hex, so you must convert to Decimal format to get the block height

Port Issues - Miner requires Port 2095 to be OPEN

To confirm your port is open/closed, first make sure the miner is stopped. Then run nc -lvp 2095 in a terminal on you Miner's machine. Your machine should now be listening to port 2095. Now head to you favorite port checking website ( and enter the public IP of your miner and 2095 as the port. This should give you confirmation on an open/closed port. Remember to forward the port on ALL routers if you have multiple linked in series. Remember Firewalls, VPNs, Proxy's and 3rd Party Antivirus software can block the port.

Haiku / Second is 0

Your Haiku/second will only populate/change for the block AFTER your miner was "solving". This can take a few blocks

Miner Not Solving

To begin solving you must receive a transaction from the network to solve with. This can take a few blocks.