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The Mojo wallet is the official wallet of the Mochimo cryptocurrency. It was released for open beta on December 25, 2018. It is build in Java 8, making it available for all major operating system (Windows, Linux, OS X).


Mojo itself is a portable application that does not need to be installed, but requires at least Java version 8 to be installed in order to run. In most cases, double clicking the JAR file suffice to run the application. If this failed, it can be started by entering the following command into a CMD or Shell terminal: java -jar [Mojo jar file].

Creating a wallet file

  1. Start Mojo and click on New
  2. Enter a name for the wallet (optional) and a password

Importing addresses

Note that Mojo cannot read the legacy *.wal file. To import an address from the legacy wallet into Mojo:

  1. Export the desired address from the legacy CLI wallet. To export the secret along with the address, select yes when prompted Export balance ? y/n and again yes on Export secret? y/n
  2. Open Mojo and navigate to the Import tab