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Blockchain footprint

Other blockchains' sizes are growing exponentially and will soon reach 1 TB in storage. Mochimo uses a proprietary compression algorithm called ChainCrunch™ that keeps the size of the blockchain to only a few GB and will never get larger. We have, therefore, solved network scalability issues permanently. Our blocks stay small while TX speed is substantially increased, all thanks to ChainCrunch™. Within minutes, users can set up a full working node in minutes that compresses the blockchain into a small % of the historical blockchain.


Mochimo coins are sent and received by pushing transactions to the network. Mochimo transactions are certified quantum proof. Transaction are sent through the network as raw binary data.

Each transaction datagram contains:

  • Source WOTS+ address
  • Destination WOTS+ address
  • Change WOTS+ address
  • Amount send in SatoChi
  • Fee in SatoChi
  • Change in SatoChi


Mochimo uses the EU’s PQCryptos approved WOTS+ algorithm and our one time addressing feature to secure privacy when you want it.


Tags are 24 character long hexadecimal strings (ranging from A to F and 0 to 9, non case sensitive). The tag can be found at the end of the 4096 character long WOTS+ address. Tag registration is completed through a special transaction where the source and the destination addresses are untagged and the change address is the tag beareing address to register. A tag must have a balance greater than 0.000000501 MCM to exists on the ledger. If the balance goes below this threshold, the tag is unregistered and can be claimed again through the registration process.

Unlike raw WOTS+ addresses, tags can be reused without compromising the security of the funds. Upon the completion of a transaction, a user's tag is simply transferred from the source address to the change address.

On or around June 14, 2018, Matt Zweil, the creator of Mochimo, explained the tag system to the community and how it fits in with the WOTS+ addressing scheme that we use. He also explained tag use from an exchange's perspective. Read it here.


A transaction is confirmed when it can be found on the blockchain. The confirmation is done through the mining process.