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TestNet Overview

TestNet Operates on TCP Port 2096, which differs from the Main Net, which is port 2095. When starting a Linux node on TestNet, please complete the following steps. First modify the coreip.lst file in the bin/ directory to be as below:

Then we recommend you use the following startup line from the bin/ directory:

./gomochi d -p2096 -ccoreip.lst -q2 -D &

List of Testnet Resources

Dedicated Nodes

The following four nodes are dedicated for transaction relaying and solving. Note they are CPU nodes only, so the TestNet difficulty is low (15-19) most of the time unless someone runs it up with a GPU rig.


Block Explorer

TestNet has a dedicated block explorer for viewing live blocks on the network. You can find the testnet BX at: http://testnet-bx.mochimo.com

Mochimap Visualization For TestNet

TestNet has a dedicated visualizer so that shows you a graphical representation of the network / network health. You can find the TestNet Mochimap at: http://testnet.mochimap.net

Backend API

The TestNet API has the same features and functions as the Main Net API. Please see the MOCHIMO_API page for detailed guidance.

The Public TestNet API is available at http://testnet-api.mochimo.com:8888

Here's a quick reference for some of our TestNet API Endpoints:

Endpoint Description
/net/balance/[WOTS] balance of the address from the network
/net/resolve/[tag] resolve the address attached to the tag from the network
/net/nodes all network nodes
/net/chains all chains/subnetworks
/net/chain main chain/subnetwork
/bc/balance/[WOTS] balance of the address from the local blockchain
/bc/resolve/[tag] resolve the address attached to the tag from the blockchain
/bc/block/[block number] details of the block
/bc/raw/[block number] download block
/balance/[WOTS] balance of the address from network and local blockchain
/resolve/[tag] resolve the address attached to the tag from network and local blockchain
/push push a transaction to the network. POST {"transaction": [base64 encoded transaction], "recipients": [number of nodes to send the transaction to (optional)]}