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Getting started

If you want to start mining Mochimo and join our awesome community, first you will need to download the miner. You can find the newest version here.

You can download the binaries or compile it on your own, using the tutorial listed here.




  • Added readings for temperature and power.
  • Per GPU haikurates now shown in GUI.
  • Application uptime added to GUI.


  • Fetching new blocks now works better.
  • GUI now updates.


  • Updated to peach algo.


  • Added OpenCL support.
  • Added basic GUI.
  • Fixed issue with uploading solved blocks.
  • Fixed inefficiency issue where the same hashes could be calculated several times.


  • Fixes an issue with the miner not updating with the network consistently.
  • Added Intra-Block updates to capture more transactions.


  • Fix for attempting to download the wrong nodelist type from
  • Fix for Coreplist not updating across files
  • Added very basic compilation instructions to the README


  • Update for compatibility with Mochimo v2.3.


  • Fixed issue #3.
  • Removed dependency on powershell for file download.


  • Updated public release of the Windows Headless Miner.


  • First public release of the Windows Headless Miner.

How to start mining

New wallet

Next step on our journey is creating a new mining wallet. For this, you will need to download the Mojo wallet. Run the application after downloading. If you already have a wallet, skip to the next section to create a new mining address.

  1. Step: Click "CREATE A NEW WALLET".
  2. Step: Name the wallet and type in a password.
  3. Step: Write down your seed phrase and store it somewhere safe! Be careful and double-check everything.
  4. Step: Click "Create". You will be asked to choose a folder, where you want the wallet file to be stored, so make sure you choose a safe location and click Save.

New mining address

Our wallet is now ready, all that is left is to generate a new address and export it. Let's do it.

  1. Step: Select "New" from the left panel.
  2. Step: Now, remove the generated tag and name your wallet if you wish to.
  3. Step: Click "Create without tag".
  4. Step: You have successfully created a new address. Double click on it and click "Legacy Export".
  5. Step: Click "No", name the file "maddr.dat" and save it somewhere you'll remember.

Running the miner

After you download the miner, right-click the file and choose "Extract". Choose the folder, where you want the files to be extracted to and click "Extract." After extracting the miner, copy your "maddr.dat" address file to the same folder as "mochimo-winminer.exe".

Now you're ready to start mining. Double-click the miner to start it. It will now read your address file and detect any suitable hardware. In my case, the miner successfully identified all 3 GPUs, as you can see on the screenshot.

Well, wasn't that easy?

You're now mining Mochimo! Welcome aboard!