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Create a github account and verify email address.

Login to github and navigate to:

Click the fork button in the right hand corner of the screen.
Install git on your Linux system:

   sudo apt-get update
   sudo apt-get install git

Clone your fork to your local machine:
git clone

Link your local clone to the source repository:
git remote add upstream

Confirm with: git remote -v

Now, sync to the master branch:

   git fetch upstream
   git checkout master
   git merge upstream/master

Now make a change to a file on your local system.

Check to see that you have uncommitted changes:
git status

Now go to the directory with the changed file and add those changes to a new commit:
git add .

Now commit the change to the local master branch:
git commit
Enter a comment at the top of the text file and save/exit.

Now push the changes up to your github online master branch:
git push origin master
Now submit a pull request from the online portal, by navigating to your repository and clicking on:
"New pull request"

Review your changes, and then click "Create pull request", and you're done!