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Currency for the Post-Quantum Era
A truly decentralized quantum-resistant blockchain that’s lightweight, fast and scalable.
Blockchain reborn and rewritten with a poetic license.

Mochimo Overview

Mochimo is a complete re-implementation of blockchain.

  • Quantum-proof
  • Scalable and fast
  • Decentralized and fair


Built for developers, by developers.

What is the quantum computing threat?

Is there a real threat to Bitcoin and other blockchains?

MIT article
Blockonomi article
Nature article

What is Mochimo?

On Nov. 15, 2018, Matt Zweil, the Architect of Mochimo, wrote his "pitch" for Mochimo in the Discord. This is an excerpt:

"Things look like this to me: 4-5 years from now whether you or anyone else likes it or not, BTC will not be BTC as we know it today, and neither will any other ECDSA secured coin, not ETH and the zillion clone army. There's going to be a godawful cantankerous reckoning. Dozens of people trying to fork the protocols to a post-quantum secure algorithm...

Imagine how nice it would be if there were at that time a 5-year old, mature block chain that happened to be the first really post-quantum secure blockchain in cryptocurrency. Imagine it was a lean and mean code base designed and coded from scratch with the benefit of years of cryptocurrency evolution going into that design. Imagine when all that hell is breaking loose that this same blockchain had already solved a bunch of really important scalability problems as well as the quantum computing threat: like the runaway blockchain growth issue, and transaction scalability issues. Imagine you could sync a full node on this network in just a minute or so, or that on day one it was truly decentralized and egalitarian. Imagine that it could move an order of magnitude more transactions per second than Bitcoin or Ethereum from day one.

Well. You don't have to imagine. It's all done, nothing I just said is speculative. We’ve already built it and it’s waiting for you."

Welcome to Mochimo.

27 pages. Established December 25, 2018.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Mochimo, and more...
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