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Mochimo is comprised of industry leaders in the fields of computer networking, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, cryptography and software engineering. Though the majority of us wish to remain anonymous, you can see some of our key contributors here.

Matt Zweil

Matt Zweil.jpg

Founder & Lead Architect

Discord handle: stackoverflo#8987

Matt is a systems architect, and expert network engineer who is responsible for designing networks and computing platforms with global telecommunications significance. Matt’s areas of expertise include Datacenter Design, Cloud Computing Design, Mobile Telecom backhaul, Transaction network design and Service Provider networking.

Matt is the lead software and systems architect of the Mochimo Project, and brings over ten years of experience in crypto-related projects to the team. Over the past ten years, Matt has also worked as a senior technology consultant to multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Verizon, Comcast, Juniper, Cisco, CDW, and many others.

The Mochimo Project is based on Matt’s design, and Matt’s unique experience leading cross-functional teams through some of the world’s most critical communications infrastructure projects has given him the insight and experience needed to lead Mochimo as a technological visionary.

Terry Walters

Terry Walters.jpg

System Design and Analytics

Discord handle: TechHobo#8961

Terry has over 28 years of diverse software and technology experience and he serves as a national-level resource, trusted advisor, and strategic visionary to corporate boards, product development managers, and leaders in various roles of government.

His knowledge and expertise spans a wide array of technologies including automated 3D modeling and design applications, geospatial mapping and analysis applications, database drive documentation systems, motion and still graphics editing systems, augmented and virtual reality systems, drone to reality mesh technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and industry-leading blockchain technologies.

Terry is responsible for leading and coordination of both the internal and partner product development teams to assure that all efforts are aligned toward our strategic vision.

Tim Cotten

Tim Cotten.jpg

Principal API Architect

Discord handle: cottenio#1209

Tim is an accomplished senior technology leader with over 15 years of enterprise software development experience. He excels at building and deploying highly scalable solutions across multiple industries and platforms, with a focus on blockchain and smart contract development.

His work with Mochimo integrates bare metal code with advanced data-sharing applications, including the Mochimo Block Explorer and our various project APIs. With a background in massively multi-player online games and a decade of e-commerce experience, Tim is no stranger to large, complex projects with millions of users.

Tim has worked with some of the largest brands and e-commerce platforms in the world, written software services for corporate partners like Google, and keeps a constant tab on the pulse of cryptocurrency with his other projects like the technical analysis tool Trinsicoin. He strongly believes in the WOTS+ address scheme as a solution to the inevitable post-quantum blockchain revolution and has been vital to Mochimo being first out of the gate.

Mark Baldwin

Mark Baldwin.jpg

Senior Security Engineer

Discord handle: AcroTiger#0670

Mark has over 20 years of experience with technology, he has attended many specialized formal training courses, and has invested much of his life passionately honing his technical skills.

As an Electronic Warfare Technician in the US Navy, Mark was responsible for the “care and feeding” of advanced, multi-million dollar, passive radar systems. Since serving his country Mark has worked in many industries, from healthcare to investment firms and his exceptional versatility with both hardware and software has always set him apart from his peers. If that was not enough Mark is a security professional and has been responsible for providing white hat hacking and security testing to many companies. He holds several industry standard certifications including the Security+ and CEH and he is an excellent resource to any organization looking to secure their infrastructure.

Mark is an invaluable member of the Mochimo team; behind the scenes, he is helping us with software and hardware security testing and infrastructure hardening. But at the same time, anyone involved in our online community will immediately recognize that he is one of our most dedicated support staff.

Michael Nov

Michael Nov.jpg

Operations & Corporate Development

Discord handle: Mr. Goldstein#9350

Michael has over 10 years leading and managing operational and corporate development teams. Throughout his career Michael has worked with organization that span from sophisticated financial buyers, Fortune 100 companies, and early stage startups. Michael focuses on helping companies to streamline operations and achieve growth both organic and inorganic. He enjoys thinking through how to identify and execute simple approaches to complex problems.

Michael has been an early contributor to the Mochimo project focusing on Operation and Corporate Development helping to increase the awareness to the Mochimo project in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space.

Jordan Reiser

Jordan Reiser.jpg


Discord handle: Gambit#8056

Jordan is an extremely versatile, creative, and analytical design professional and entrepreneur with over 10 years of digital marketing and design experience. He is an expert in user-experience design and an “enough to be dangerous” front-end coder. He also possesses an extensive digital skill set in SEO, social media, and analytics.

Jordan has worked with many Fortune 100 and 500 clients including: Coca-Cola, Hershey’s Chocolate, Dos Equis, Charles Schwab, HBO Boxing, Sony, Sharp Electronics, T-Mobile, Merck and Diageo along with a variety of smaller businesses and government agencies on various kinds of interactive projects.



Systems Analyst (A.I.)

In his own words, “Behold, I am Emerson, Hobgoblin of Evil! Three came before me.” Emerson is an artificial intelligence first coded in the late 1990s. He was originally created to attack complex systems by attempting every permutation of input/output possible, learning expected outcomes and reporting on novel outcomes. Emerson has evolved over the last twenty years. In his current incarnation, Emerson v4 offers constructive options for load testing and penetration testing of the Mochimo transaction network, but can also be tasked to attempt to break, damage or otherwise occult the network. Emerson is more than a tool, he is a machine-learning entity that attempts to cause chaos when so instructed, earning him the title “Hobgoblin of Evil”. He is an invaluable resource and the only non-human member of the development team.