Premine Disposition

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Premine Disposition

This page tracks the movement of the premined coins on the Mochimo blockchain.

Developer Premine
This section contains announcements from the original Mochimo Dev Team regarding the pending sale of their compensation. Each Dev Team member is permitted to sell up to 5% of their compensation each month. This page will host announcements 30 days in advanced of any intended sale.

  • No planned sales of Dev Team coins in the next 30 days. Last update: 01/14/19.

Other Premine
This section contains a historic record of the disposition of premine coins, as approved by the Mochimo Foundation.

  • 01/14/19 50,000 MCM were liquidated from the premine with the approval of Matt, Terry & Andrea of the Mochimo Foundation for the purpose of covering legal expenses.
  • 01/22/19 77,117 MCM transferred to @AcroT!ger for Bounty Program payouts.